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BRIEF INTRDOUCTION OFHONGKONG RAYTING INDUSTRY GROUP LTDWe are pleased to forward to you a brief introduction of our companyHONGKONG RAYTING INDUSTRY GROUP LTD with its head office inQINGDAO City, SHANDONG Province of the Peoples Republic of China. Alimited liability company of long stand repute in SHANDONG Province ofPeoples Republic of China.HONGKONG RAYTING INDUSTRY GROUP LTD was established in the year2000 as a major industry machinery, equipment, material and clean energyresearch and develepment company, we focus on supply equipment and energysulotions for industries.PRODUCTS WE MAINLY SUPPLY:1. Industry machinery and equipment including beverage and food machinery,water treatment equipment, liquid and air filters, packing machine, plasticmachinery.2. Construction machinery: Graders, Loaders, Excavators, Rollers, Bulldozers,Crains, Pavers, Asphalt Plant Equipment, Sweeping Truck, etc.3. Welding electrode production machinery and material, welding consumblesand welding machines etc.4. Agricultural equipment like tractors, spravers etc, agricultural productsprocessing plant machinery, like cassava, potato starch processing machine,tomato past production machine etc.5. Clean energy products and sulotions: including solar light and generatingsystem, wind turbine generating system.6. Explosives and detonators for oil , stone mining and cement industries.7. Industry material: raw materials for industries. Including HDPE, LDPE, PE,8. Flexitank for packing bulk vegetable oil, liquid, chemicals and cream etc.9. Technical transfer and service.11. We will also supply any kind of the products with best quality and bestprices,and we are also very interested to build long term business relationshipwith your valuable organization for the mutual benefit.Ceramic products: The main products are ceramic random tower packing,metallic random tower packing, plastic random tower packing, structuredpacking, water treatment packing, pall ring, rasching ring, molecular sieve;activated alumina ball, activated carbon, ceramic sand filter, ceramichoneycomb, all kinds of activated carbon addition to, supply the belowproducts also:10. We also supply agro products and its deep processed products including:vegetalbe oil like soyabean oil, groundnut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, cassavastarch, tomato paste, garlic, onion juice etc.HDPE WAX, PE wax etc, fluorescent pigment, ethylene bis stearmide, thickener,Unsaturated polyseter resin, Magnesium Hydroxide Paste, Polyethylene Powder,Zn stearate, Tert-butyl peroxybenzoate, Antistatic Agent etc.Chromic sulfate, Dibasic lead phosphite, Tolclfos-methyl, Accelerant: M, DM,TMTD(TT), CZ, Antioxidant: A(PAN), D(PBN),RD, Aluminium powder forfireworks, Aluminium powder for industry, Aluminium powder for pesticide,Aluminium powder for explosive, Aluminium powder for Refractory Materials,Al-mg alloy powder, Magnesium powder,Passivated Lime for Desulfurization, Deoxidiser, Non-ferrous Elementadditive:Manganese/ Titanium/Fe/Cu/Si/ Zn Additive, Ilmenite, Garnet, Zirconsand rutile etc.As an integrated company, we have a guaranteed competence and reliability inthe fast-moving globalize business world and other factor to success and greatbenefits to our various clients.FUTURE PERSPECTIVE:HONGKONG RAYTING INDUSTRY GROUP LTD always held the beliefstability in Growth, development with stability. We will continue to providereliable service to our local clients as well as our International ur Black, STPP, Tribasic lead sulfate, Chromium oxide green, BasicZinc oxide, Zinc sulphate, Carbon black, White Carbon black, Titanium dioxide,Magnesium oxide, Oxalic acid, Phosphoric acid, Iron oxide, Aluminum sulfate,Trisodium phosphate, Sodium pyrosulfite, Formic acid, Glacial Acetic acid,Africa, Ghana, Sri lanka, India, Singapore, Canada, America, New Zealand,And developing market globally in a very effiencient way. We are buildingworldwide net work to expand our group and our partners into an interated our company and our partners shall get mutual benefitedfrom this network.We sincerely welcome companies in different countries to cooperate with us asagent or partner to develop the global market with our combined effort.OUR CONTACT DETAILS:TEL: 0086-139-6972-1630 FAX:0086-532-8388-3007 EMAIL:ADD: 8011, NO.17 HUIQUAN ROAD, QINGDAO, SHANDONG PROVINCE, P.R. CHINA


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader


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1. Chemicals: Inorganic Chemicals


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