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We specialize in the trade of INACTIVE DRY FODDER YEAST (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). We offer products of various protein content and mesh size. Among valuable feed additives and materials, fodder yeast is one of the richest products in respect of high quality digestible protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino-acids and simultaneously serves as a substantial energy source. It improves and balances the efficiency of feedstuffs and promotes animals' growth.The quality and safety of our products is confirmed by veterinary certificates and is continually tested by independent laboratories, which directly contributes to the great value of animal feed manufactured from our yeast. Inactive dry fodder yeast that we trade is grown under carefully controlled conditions. Therefore, the fodder yeast which we provide makes a complete ecological and healthy product to meet the demands of natural stock breeding. It is entirely free of GMO feed additives and the levels of heavy metals stay much below the acceptable amounts according to the EU norms.We can offer HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPLEX MINERAL-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS, SOIL CONDITIONERS and FEED ADDITIVES MADE FROM UNIQUE MINERAL-ORGANIC MATERIAL - NATURAL SAPROPELES.Sapropeles is the raw material that contains the most important elements of the plant nutrition. The chemical analyses show that the content of sapropeles includes, in essence, all elements for the plant nutrition, which no other fertilizer, taken alone, has. Sapropeles includes the considerable amount of humic acids and their salts, resistant to biological decomposition, that significantly enrich the humus soil funds – and it is the material carrier of soil fertility.Sapropeles is of great interest in the feeding of animals, which is determined by their strong physiological effect on the body as compared to the traditional mineral additives (mono-di tricalcium phosphate, limestone, chalk, etc…).Feed additives with sapropeles have biogenous stimulation and contribute to a more intensive growth, reproduction, lactation, resistance and other organism processes, aimed at the improving physiological state of animals.Thus, the unique composition of sapropel, including organic and mineral substances, makes possible to use it in such major areas as:- crop - as a universal fertilizer and soil improver;- livestock and poultry - as a feed additive;- manufacturing of various feed products - as a main component (for feed concentrates, combined fodders) and filler (for premix production);- manufacturing of sorbents for purification of water and soil from oil, heavy metals, radionuclides - as a main component.We supply FULL-FAT EXTRUDED SOYA BEANS, which are used for feeding animals and birds.Full-fat extruded soya quality parameters:high-calorie feed with high level of protein, universial and ideal for all farm animal species and birds. Full-fat soya benefits in the production of feed additives:- is characterized by high level of oil accessibility and fatty acids. High level of tocopherol provides containing oil with storage stability;- is characterized by high level of fatty acids – linoleic and linolenoic (9% and 2% of lipase and lipoxiginaze are destroyed);- high level of lecithin (important compound for fat metabolism);- high eating qualities, perfect flowability;- immunity to long-term storage;- high ability to granulate (compared to other components, containing oil additives);- minimal loss of nutrients during processing and in the absence of dust in the final feed product.


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Distributor, Exporter, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer


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1. Chemicals: Inorganic Chemicals
2. Jewellery: Gemstones, Minerals
3. Food: Soybean Products


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worldAfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle East


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$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000

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1 - 10


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Origin: Russia

Category: Soybean Products


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Origin: Russia

Category: Sodium Bicarbonate


Applications:In food industry — in bakery, confectionery, beverage making.In feed industry.In chemical industry — for the dyes manufacturing, foam plasticsand other organic...


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