Adriamycin HCL

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Adriamycin HCLSynonyms: Doxorubicin HCL; Doxorubicin hydrochlorideCAS: 25316-40-9 EINECS: 246-818-3 Assay: 98-102%.Standard: USP30/EP/BPPacking: 1Kg/foil bagMF: C27H30ClNO11 MW: 579.98 Character: Orange-Red Crystalline Solid. Aqueous solutions yellow-orange at acid pHs, orange-red at neutral pHs, and violet blue over pH 9. Usage: Used as an antineoplastic raw material. Strong fluorescent dye intercalating into DNA. Antitumour antibiotic. Effect of adriamycin on heart mitochondrial DNA. Inhibitor of reverse transcriptase and RNA polymerase; immunosuppressive agent.Preparation Products: Pirarubicin


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