Diethylene Glycol

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Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Detail: 230KG/drum 80drums per 20ft container Delivery Detail: within one week SpecificationsDiethylene Glycol 1.Package:230KG/drum 2.Excellent quality 3.Prompt delivery 4.After sell serviceDiethylene Glycol C2H6O2 formula,Structure: HOCH2CH2OH62.07 molecular weightMelting point - 13.2 degrees Celsius197.85 boiling: cDensity relative density (water = 1) 1.1155 (20 ° c),The relative density (= 1) 2.14 airAppearance and properties a colourless, odourless, sweet, thick liquidSteam pressure 6.21 kPa / 20 ° cFloc point: 111.1 degrees Celsius with water, ethanol, acetone, ether, glycol immiscible, insoluble in benzene, toluene, CTCApplication: Diethylene glycol used as a solvent, fangzhizhuji, rubber and tree ester of plasticizer, lubricant viscosity improver. Mainly used for unsaturated polyester resin. ITEM INDEX Molecular Formula O(CH2CH2OH)2 CAS No. 111-46-6 Purity 99%min Color Colorless State Viscous liquid Buring 351.9 Boiling 245 Relative Density 1.1184 Refractive index15 1.4472 Flash Point 143 Viscidity (25)30mPa·s Specification:NAME Diethylene Glycol RRODUCTION DATE 15th July, 2011 APPEARANCE Colorless transparent liquid Items Quality index Excelent grade Standard Result Purity % >= 99.5% 99.6% chroma, the platinum- cobalt color howls

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Industry:Chemical Industry
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