Ethylene Glycol

INN (International Nonproprietary Name):

Specification: ITEM SPECIFICATION APPEARANCE Clear,colorless liquid Purity, % Min. 99.8 Diethylene glycol, % Max. 0.05 Color(APHA), Max. 10 Water content, % Max. 0.1 Ash,wt, % Max. 0.005 Chlorides(as CL), ppm Max. 0.1 Iron, ppm, Max. 0.07 Usage: It can be used to synthesis 'Polyester' (Dacron) and other polymers, but also can be used as a film, rubber, plasticizers, desiccant, brake oil, raw materials, it is commonly used in high-boiling point solvent, it can be used as a car radiator antifreeze and aircraft engines of the refrigerant. Ethylene glycol can also be used for cellophane, fiber, leather, adhesives humectant. Glycol by heating the stage steam can be used as a smokescreen, glycol dinitrate is a kind of explosives. Package:230kg/drum, 18.4MT/20'FCL

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Industry:Chemical Industry
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