Fully Refined/semi Refined/ Non Refined Paraffin Wax


INN (International Nonproprietary Name):

Fully refined paraffin wax 58# -60# Specification:HS CODE:27122000C.A.S: 8002-74-2Melting point: 58-60;Oil Content Wt%: 0.5 Max Appearance: white crystals Color: 28-+30Light Stability: 4 maxNeedle Penetration (25Deg. C 100g): 15maxOdor: 2 maxMechanical Impurity & Moisture: NOWater-solubility Acid & Base: NOPacking: 50kg/plastic woven bag or 25kg/cartonUsage: its apply to the high-frequency ceramic and carbon paper mimeograph with waxed paper sheets, precision casting, arts and crafts, and cold cream and other productsSemi refined paraffin wax 56# -58#C.A.S: 8002-74-2HS CODE: 27122000Melting point: 56-58;Oil Content Wt%: 0.8 Max Appearance: white crystals Packing: 50kg/plastic woven bag, 20MT/20'FCLG.W: 50.3KG N.W: 50KGSpecification:Semi refined paraffin wax 56# -58# ITME QUALITY SPECIFICATION TEST MEANSMelting Point(Deg. C) 56-58 GB/T2539Oil Content 0.8 max GB/T3554Color +28 GB/T3555Light Stability 7 max SH/T0404Needle Penetration (25Deg. C 100g) 23max GB/T4985Odor 2 max SH/T0414Mechanical Impurity & Moisture NO Water-solubility Acid & Base NO SH/T0407Kinematic Viscosity (100Deg. C/mm2/s GB/T265the slack waxNon refined paraffin wax 49#-54#C.A.S: 8002-74-2HS CODE: 27122000Melting point: 49-54;Oil Content Wt%: 6.0 Max Color: 1.0Appearance: white crystals Packing: 50kg/plastic woven bag, 20MT/20'FCLG.W: 50.3KG N.W: 50KGContact:Ms Michelle Zoeskype:aza.zoe

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Industry:Chemical Industry
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