Isopropyl Alcohol


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Isopropyl AlcoholIsopropyl Alcohol Test DescriptionSpecification Limits Min. Max. Unit of Measure Test MethodIso Propanol 99.8 %(w/w) DIN 55685Water 0.1 %(w/w) ASTM D1364Acidity as acetic acid 0.001 %(w/w) ASTM D1613Water Miscibilty MiscibleNonvolatile Residue 0.001 g/100mlAppearance Clear & Free from suspended MatterColour, Pt-Co 5 ASTM D1209Density @ 20oC 0.785 0.786 g/mlDistillation, IBP 81.8 oC ASTM D1078Distillation, DP 82.8 oC ASTM D1078Refractive Index @ 20oC 1.376 1.378 ASTM D1218

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