Scotch Whiskey flavors

INN (International Nonproprietary Name):

Apricot FlavourBrandy FlavourCognac BrandyFruit Jam FlavourGin Cordial FlavourGin FlavorGinger Beer flavourGrape FlavourMatured Grape FlavorFresh Grape FlavorMalt FlavourMalagawine FlavourPineapple FlavourRum Flavour CaribbeanRum Flavour KingstonRum JamaicaStrawberrySweet OrangeScotch Whiskey flavorsWhisky FlavourWhisky Super And more tailor made flavours………..The Flavors are always made to order, and also tailor made;according to the taste and quality of the customer as such they are always fresh……………

Chemical Name:

Molucular Formula:

CAS Registry Number:

General Product Information:


Delivery Time:15 to 45 days
Price:50 to 500
Type:Selling Offer

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