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Methanol is a clear, colourless, primary alcohol which is completely miscible with * is the first and most simple of the primary alcohols. Methanol is a polar solvent and burns with a non luminous bluish flame.Used in the production of biodiesel.Aircraft Fuel: Methanol is used in combination with water as an aircraft turbo propellant. The fuel is injected into either turbine or piston engines to provide increased power (power *r Racing Fuel: Methanol is used as an alcohol fuel capable of operating at compression ratios of up to 16:1. It has a greater ability to cool the air entering the combustion chamber than does gasoline, hence increasing air density and mass flow. Methanol should not be used in normal vehicles, as a fuel of this type will damage an unmodified engine.Paint & Resin manufacture - precursor in manufacture of Urea Formaldehyde and Phenol Formaldehyde resins. These resins are then supplied to the chipboard and medium density fibreboard industries as bonding agents.Lacquer and Thinner formulations where good solvency and high volatility are desired.Rubber Industry: Methanol is widely used as a rubber solvent in the manufacture of various rubber products. The low cost of Methanol makes it ideal for this *turant for ethanol and in synthetic gasoline manufacture.Other uses include; printing inks, adhesives, antifreeze, in pharmaceutical manufacture.

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