Naphthalene , Benzene And Aniline Based Intermediates And Their Derivatives

INN (International Nonproprietary Name):

1,4 Bis (4-Amino 2-Sulfo-Styryl) Benzene (CAS No.084963-07-5) 1,4-Sulphophenyl 4-Carboxy 5-Pyrazolone (1,4 SPCP) 1-Naphthol 3,6 Disulfonic Acid (Violet Acid) 1-Naphthylamine 3,6,8 Trisulphonic Acid (Koch Acid) 2 Amino 2'Methyl Diphenyl Ether 2-Amino 2',4' Dichloro Diphenyl Ether (CAS No.26306-64-9) 2-Amino 4-Chloro Diphenyl Ether 2-Amino Sulfo N-Methyl Cyclohexylamide 2-Methyl-5-Nitro-Benzene-Sulfon-Ethanol-Amide 2-Naphthlamine-6-Sulfonmethylamine 2-Naphthylamine 6-Sulphonic Acid (Broenners Acid) 3,3'-Dimethyl Benzidine (Ortho Tolidine Base) 3,5-Diamino Benzoic Acid (3,5-DABA) 3-Amino 4-Chloro Benzamide 4-(Acetylamino)-2-Amino Benzene Sulfonic Acid (Acetyl MPDSA) 4 Amino Benzoic Acid4 Amino Benzamide4 chloro 3 nitro benzene sulfonyl chloride4,4' Diamino Diphenyl Sulponamide (DASA) 4,4' Diaminodiphenyl 2, 2' Disulfonic Acid (BDSA) 4,4 Dinitro stilben 2,2 Disulfonic Acid [DNSDA] 4,4-Bis(2-Amino-Benzenesulfonyl) Bisphenol Ester 4,4'Diamino Diphenylamine 2-Sulfonic Acid (FC Acid) 4,4-Diamino Stilbene 2,2 Disulfonic Acid (DASDA) 4-Amino Diphenylamine 2-Sulfonic Acid (4-ADAPSA) 4-Bromo Butyro Nitrile 4-Chloro 2 Amino Phenol 6 Sulfonic Acid (4-CAPSA) 4-Chloro 2-Amino Phenol (4-CAP) (Technical/Pharma Grade) 4-Nitro 2-Amino Phenol 6-Sulfonic Acid (4-NAPSA) 4-Sulfo Anthranilic Acid 5-Sulfo Anthranilic Acid 6-Acetylamine 2-Aminophenol 4-Sulphonic Acid (6 Acetyl OAPSA) 6-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol 4- Sulfonic Acid (6 NAPSA) 7-Hydroxy Naphthalene-1,3-disulfonic acid (G-Salt) Anthranilic Acid Aniline 2,4 Disulphonic Acid Aniline 2,5 Disulphone Acid Acetyl H-Acid Benzoyl H-Acid Benzoyl J-Acid Broenners Acid Butyl Anthranilate Dimethylamine HCL Ethyl Benzene Aniline Meta Sulfonic Acid (EBAMSA) European K Acid Gamma Acid Meta Sulpho Phenyl Gamma Acid (MSPG) Sulpho Gamma Acid (2-Amino 8-Naphthol-3,6-Disulfonic Acid) (7-Amino-1-Naphthol-3,6-Disulfonic Acid) (2R Acid) (RR Acid) Meta Amino Phenol (MAP) Metanilic Acid Naphthalene-2-Sulfanide-3-Amino-6,8-Disulfonic Acid ISO Amino J-Acid N-Acetyl J-Acid N-Methyl Gamma Acid N-Methyl J-Acid N-Phenyl J-Acid Ortho Amino Phenol 4 Sulphonic Acid (OAPSA) Ortho Dianisidine Base (Fast Blue B Base) (OD Base) O-toludine 5 Sulfonic acid Para Amino Azo Benzene 3,4-Disulfonic Acid Para Amino Azo Benzene 4-Sulphonic Acid (PAABSA) Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulfonic Acid (PNTOSA) P-Nitro Aniline Ortho Sulfonic Acid (PNAOSA) R.W. Acid Di J-Acid m-Nitro Benzene Sulfonic Acid -Sodium Salt (Resist Salt) (MNBS) (Ludigole) Resorcinol Rhodamine Schaeffers acid Vinyl Sulphone Ester (Benzanilide Base) Vinyl Sulphone Ester 2,5 Dimethoxy Aniline Base (2,5 DMAVS) Vinyl Sulphone Ester Ortho Anisidine Base (OAVS) Vinyl Sulphone Ester Para Cresidine Base (PCVS)

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