Propylene Glycol

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Specifications1,3 Propanediol 1.Purity:99.9% 2.CAS No.504-63-2 3.Package:200KG/drum 4.Prompt delliverySpecifications1,3 Propanediol 1.Purity:99.9% 2.CAS No.504-63-2 3.Package:200KG/drum 4.Prompt dellivery 1,3 PropanediolITEM INDEX Molecular Formula C3H8O2CAS No. 504-63-2Purity 99.9%Color ColorlessState viscous liquid (pure)Melting - 27 ° CBoiling 210-211Relative Density 25 1.05Relative Vapour Density 2.6Saturated Vapor Pressure 0.13kpa60° CFlash Point 79° CIgnition temperature 400° C Application:Trimethylene glycol has similar applications to Propylene glycol. It is can be used as a comonomer of unsaturated polyester resins, alkyd resins, polyesterfoams,polyester-based plasticizers, and as chain extender for polyurethane. It is a useful chemical intermediate which have two hydroxyl group on the primary carbon atoms and one alpha-carbon atom. 1,3-propanediol, or a derivative thereof, is used for the synthesis of lubricants, plasticizers, adhesives, photographic materials, pharmaceuticals, insect repellent, fragrances, antioxidant compound, antistatic agents, fabric softeners, and vitamin H.

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Industry:Chemical Industry
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